Why the Divorce Rate Might Boom in the US Post-Quarantine

Recently, our very own Vikki Ziegler was featured on a segment by British media giant the Daily Mail, where she discussed why the US divorce rate might skyrocket as the COVID-19 pandemic forces couples into quarantine.

In case you missed Vikki's appearance, here's what you need to know.

Why Does Vikki Think the Divorce Rate Will Increase?

Other parts of the world have actually set a precedent for increases in divorce rates post-quarantine. When the Chinese province of Hunan lifted its COVID-19 quarantine, legal clerks were overwhelmed by the number of couples who filed for divorce shortly after. That's not all—China as a whole has seen booming divorce rates post-quarantine, and that trend could very well be a sign of things to come when the US starts lifting its COVID-19 quarantines and stay-at-home orders in the coming months.

According to Vikki, there are two major reasons couples may decide to divorce after experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine together:

  • They realize their parenting styles are different. Schools around the country are closing, and, as a result, parents are being asked to pick up the educational and childcare responsibilities teachers once held. Many parents have to learn new parenting skills at the same time they try to work from home. If one parent finds themselves consistently doing the lion's share of parenting, it can cause dissatisfaction within the marriage.
  • They're experiencing financial instability. In the last two weeks alone, around 10 million Americans have filed for unemployment benefits. The unemployment rate is sitting around 13%, which is 3% higher than the 2008 Great Recession and mirrors Great Depression-era numbers. Financial uncertainty may unearth other issues in marriages, ultimately leading to divorce.

However, Vikki also notes that the quarantine may actually be a positive experience for some people. Some couples may find that spending more time together rekindles a lost spark or makes their relationship even stronger.

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