Emergent Release for Inmates During Coronavirus Pandemic

We are certainly living in troubled times. The existence of the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting every aspect of life as we are practicing self-quarantine, social distancing and basically an overall disruption to every aspect of existence. That being said, time marches on. This includes the wheels of justice—notoriously slow under normal circumstances but even slower under the present conditions. Nevertheless, at ZZR our criminal defense team continues to work tirelessly to ensure the best results for our clients despite these restrictions.

One of the most important concerns that we will continue to address is the how the incarceration of our clients during this pandemic can have lasting health concerns well beyond their case. To that end, we are endeavoring to have our clients who are currently detained and awaiting trial released without further delay. Since the onset of corona virus restrictions, this firm has filed numerous motions in State and Federal court to have clients released to not only be with their loved ones during this trying time, but also to protect them from the obvious problems inherent in the type of close-quartered living associated with the spread of a highly contagious and potentially deadly infectious disease in a county jail setting.

As you may have seen, steps were taken recently at the statewide level to arrange for the release of many individuals serving county jail sentences of less than one year. However, not considered in this list of released inmates were those who have been detained prior to this disposition of their matters. In other words, those who remain INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. It is important that if you or your loved one finds themselves in this position that you give serious consideration to hiring learned counsel who can immediately file for release rather than continue to expose presumed innocent individuals to harm. As the number of individuals in our jails who test positive for this horrible disease continues to grow, it is important not just to the inmates but to the general welfare of the overall public that the population in jails be drastically reduced. We are here to zealously advocate and protect our client under such extraordinarily difficult circumstances.

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