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Pursuing Fair Outcomes in Divorces Involving Significant Incomes

Divorce is hard enough on its own, but the situation can be even more complex when it's a high net worth divorce. These cases tend to involve multiple assets and liabilities that must be divided between the two parties, making the process difficult and contentious. Furthermore, certain financial issues such as child support, alimony, and business dealings may arise that are unique to these types of divorces.

High net worth divorces in Livingston require special attention because they involve substantial amounts of money and property. At Ziegler Law Group LLC, we assist individuals through difficult family law matters. Our attorneys help our clients understand their rights and protect their best interests to pursue fair and just outcomes. Recognizing that every family is unique, we deliver personalized representation and leverage the necessary resources to develop practical legal strategies for these matters.

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Understanding a High Net Worth Divorce

New Jersey does not have a set definition of a high net worth divorce. That said, these matters typically involve situations where one or both spouses have estates of $1 million or more. Assets in high net worth divorces can come from business shares, property, and high-paying jobs. 

Working with an experienced high net worth divorce attorney in Livingston can be essential for preserving wealth and protecting the spouse's interests. They can ensure that all relevant information is appropriately disclosed before decisions are made about asset distribution, child support, or alimony. Additionally, they may be able to reduce potential conflicts between spouses by providing guidance on negotiating settlements outside of court.

The Complexities of High Net Worth Divorces

High net worth divorce cases can be extremely complex because of the extensive amount of assets and financial documents involved. Many couples have investment accounts, real estate holdings, businesses, and other properties requiring careful examination and appraisal to facilitate equitable distribution of assets. Even after an agreement is reached, one party might try to hide or transfer some of their income before the divorce is finalized, making it difficult for the other spouse to receive what is fair.

The divorce process can be far more complicated than typical divorces because of the amount of research involved and the need to retain experts, such as financial analysts, to comprehensively evaluate the estate and resolve disputes. 

That said, a high net worth divorce may not be complicated if each spouse came into the marriage with individual wealth and assets. This is because each spouse would retain their separate property, and intense negotiations would not be necessary to handle asset distribution or other financial matters.

Challenges That May Need to Be Addressed in High Net Worth Divorce Cases

In high net worth divorces, various issues might need special attention to be resolved. 

Below are some of the matters that may need unique consideration:

- Child support: The court may need to account for things like the cost of nannies, the child's hobbies, and private school tuition.              Additionally, the income of both spouses may need to be separately analyzed.

- Alimony: Financial support for a spouse might not need to be considered if each party is independently wealthy. However, if one spouse earned significantly less than the other, the court must examine the party's standard of living, financial need, and contributions to the marriage, among other factors.

- Property division: High-value assets and multiple properties may be of concern in a high net worth divorce. It may take time to identify and evaluate these assets. Considerable effort may also be needed to distinguish between marital and separate property.


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Going through a high net worth divorce can be intimidating and stressful. Having a lawyer represent you is vital, as they understand the law and the complexities of these proceedings and can advocate for your best interests with thoughtful legal strategies. Not only can they work to protect your financial security, but they can also help navigate disagreements regarding property division and other critical matters. 


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