Attorney Vikki S. Ziegler Featured on Dr. Oz’s “Health Court”

Partner and founder of Ziegler & Resnick LLC, Attorney Vikki S. Ziegler, was featured a guest on the nationally broadcasted program “Dr. Oz.” Attorney Ziegler served as an instrumental witness on the show’s segment called “Health Court,” where the show’s host, Dr. Mehmet Oz, issues judicial-like rulings to resolve medical controversies, presented in a “People’s Court” type format.

Dr. OzIn the episode—or “case”—featuring Attorney Ziegler, the parties were a married couple who disputed whether the husband suffered from sleep apnea, causing him to snore so loudly that his wife cannot sleep. “Sleep apnea” is a condition where a person intermittently stops and starts breathing during their sleep.

The wife asked the “Health Court” for a “sleep divorce”—to separate the couple at night so the wife can get an uninterrupted good night’s rest. The husband denied suffering from sleep apnea.

To resolve the issue, Dr. Oz directed Attorney Ziegler to measure the circumference of the husband’s neck, explaining that the size of a person’s neck is an independent risk factor for sleep apnea. Attorney Ziegler measured the husband’s neck with a tape measure, reporting a 17-inch measurement.

According to Dr. Oz, 17 inches is the threshold neck circumference for being at risk of having sleep apnea. The show revealed that the husband underwent medical testing for determining sleep apnea at a sleep center. Upon reviewing the test results, Dr. Oz concluded that the husband suffered from mild sleep apnea.

Accordingly, Dr. Oz issued a “temporary order” to separate husband and wife for sleeping purposes until the husband gets treatment for his mild sleep apnea. Dr. Oz admonished that, although treatable, sleep apnea can be a very dangerous medical condition.

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More About Attorney Vikki S. Ziegler

Although Attorney Ziegler’s role in Dr. Oz’s health court was meant to promote an entertaining way of educating audiences about medical conditions, her real-life role as a reputable family law attorney qualifies her to litigate real divorces in an actual court of law. Her extensive experience on Settlement Panels throughout New Jersey and as a frequent lecturer on legal issues—including divorce and civil rights—makes her a high-demand legal resource for various media programs and shows.

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