Affleck-Garner Divorce Updates: Infidelity Threatens It All

If you are up-to-speed on celebrity couples, you were probably just as surprised as the rest of us when you heard that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were filing for divorce a couple years back. You might be able to regain your footing in knowing that the Hollywood power-couple might be calling it quits – their divorce that is, not their marriage. New rumors circulating state that they are trying to work through their marriage issues, rather than complete their high asset divorce.

The underlying factor for the divorce was most likely allegations that Affleck had an extended affair with a woman who was hired to be the nanny for the couple’s children. Exactly how much of the affair allegations are true is still unknown. It is possible the information will stay secret, especially if the divorce is canceled.

Can a Marriage Live Through Infidelity?

Many marriage counselors and psychologists all agree that a cheating spouse is one of the fastest ways to bring a marriage to divorce. It is incredibly difficult for the other spouse to ever trust that person again, and each day becomes one filled with suspicion. Not a situation anyone wants to live in. However, marriage recovery after infidelity is not impossible. As Affleck and Garner seem to know – the two were spotted celebrating the birthday of their youngest son together not long ago – the right amount of commitment to change and improving a relationship can work.

The key to repairing the damage is understanding why the damage was caused in the first place. Did Ben allegedly cheat with the nanny because he felt emotionally disconnected from Jennifer? Was it the end result of a series of unusual events, each one ending in poor judgement? The celebrity couple will need to consider these questions and much more if they actually want their marriage to continue. Experts also say it is important for the cheating spouse to apologize and mean it.

When Divorce is the Right Choice

Fighting to save a marriage is not inherently the right decision. Sometimes marriages are unhappy and unworkable, and that’s completely fine. So long as the spouses know that it a divorce will lead to happiness, it shouldn’t be ruled out. If Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner do ultimately decide to finish their divorce, we should all wish them the best regardless.

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