E! News Talks to Vikki Ziegler About Jackson-Al Mana Divorce

Janet Jackson and Wissam Al Mana are both control impressive amounts of finances. Janet Jackson is estimated to have about $175 million in assets and Wissam Al Mana’s net worth is set at a staggering $1 billion. Is the couple’s combined net worth the only reason why their divorce announcement is making so many headlines? E! News recently spoke with Vikki Ziegler of Ziegler & Resnick LLC in Livingston, New Jersey to find out.

Prenuptials & Child Support Orders for the Wealthy

As Vikki pointed out in her interview with E! News, so much of the Jackson-Al Mana divorce case hinges on what a prenuptial agreement says, assuming one exists at all. The couple has actually not even filed for divorce but instead “formally separated.” This decision might not be their own but instead a process that must be done due to a prenup’s stipulations.

Prenuptial agreements generally mean that the spouse with the lower net worth will end up getting nothing, or at least a reduced amount. In Janet Jackson’s case, she certainly doesn’t need any alimony to take care of herself. Although, some have speculated already that she could get $200 million overall from Al Mana. If she does not need, want, or “qualify” for alimony, what would cause such a considerable sum? The answer is probably little Eissa Al Mana.

Eissa is the couple’s son, born in January. Even though Janet is well-off and financially stable, she still has the right to collect child support from Al Mana. She will probably appreciate those child support payments, too, as raising a celebrity child is nothing cheap. Hiring nannies, in-home nurses, private chefs, and so on to help raise a child can cost more than a million dollars a year. This is where Al Mana’s payments to Janet would most likely be most noticeable.

Reports also claim that Eissa is going to live with Janet, giving her full physical custody. If this is true, it is all the more reason for her to get a maximized amount of child support each month. Furthermore, since the child is so young, Wissam cannot argue for a lessened amount of child support due to his preexisting efforts to raise the child.

As Ziegler explained while talking with E! News, this represents a fairly interesting celebrity divorce, as it touches upon the key issues of a divorce but on a larger scale. However, unlike many divorces across America, this one is apparently amicable and ending on mutual terms. That could expedite the divorce process, assuming the relationship does indeed come to that.

If you would like to know more about the Janet Jackson and Wissam Al Mana split-up, you can view the full E! News article featuring Vikkie Ziegler by clicking here. If you want the help of Ziegler & Resnick LLC for a sensitive or high asset divorce of your own, you are encouraged to contact our firm whenever it is convenient for you.

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